Children sitting under a tree together.Saint Basil Academy provides comprehensive clinical services to our children, and when appropriate, their families.

The Director of Clinical Services has considerable clinical training and experience. He has taught undergraduate and graduate students at several New York universities for many years and has had extensive administrative and clinical experiences in residential care. Additionally, he has been published many times.

The Clinical Services Department is comprised of licensed graduate clinical social workers, graduate student interns (Fordham University and New York University), and a licensed nurse. A psychiatrist visits the campus to consult with the clinical staff and to meet with individual youngsters. Each child is scheduled to meet individually, at least weekly, with a clinician. Counseling groups with youngsters also take place, usually with a specific counseling theme. Themes are developed to help the children further their interpersonal skills and self-esteem.

Communication with the child's family is the responsibility of the clinician. For some children, there is no family; for some others, referrals are made to community mental health agencies and active exchanges take place between the professionals; and for those others, counseling is provided by Saint Basil Academy Staff.

Clinicians also oversee their assigned children's education. Clinicians regularly attend teacher conferences, meet-the-teacher evenings, and special education committee meetings. Many of our children have been diagnosed with learning difficulties that require educational testing, support and intervention. Clinicians assume an active role in communicating with and assuring that the schools and teachers continue to be attentive to Saint Basil's children. When school programs are established, it is the responsibility of the clinicians to help provide the children with educational support on campus.