Boys DormitoriesThe Residential Life Department is responsible for the everyday living of Saint Basil Academy's resident children. The direct care staff take on a parental role for the children. It is their responsibility to teach the everyday life skills necessary to survive in the world today.

All of the Residential staff at Saint Basil Academy are certified and trained in the childcare field. The staff may use many different techniques learned in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention trainings as well as skills learned from Behavior Modification through extensive in service training. The Executive Director and Residential life Director, together, hand pick their employees to ensure all of the children have the finest role models, supervision, and guidance.

The role and responsibility of the 12 direct care workers are to ensure the children's needs are met while residing at Saint Basil. All of the children have 24 hour supervision for their safety and daily living needs. A staff member is always available to lend a helping hand and guidance.

Girls dormitoriesDuring their days at Saint Basil Academy, the children, are assisted and guided though life. Having come from environments with lack of consistency and discipline, the children are quickly introduced to structure. Personal hygiene is taught as the children learn to take pride in themselves and there surroundings. Education is on the forefront of our mission, therefore every child is guided through their school day with the most support possible. Professional tutors are available in the Academy's learning center to provide extra help to the children. Following the mandated study time, the children are allowed some down time to recreate. Faith and recreation are two opportunities that are provided on a daily basis at Saint Basil Academy. Evening Vesper services allow the children the chance to grow closer to God. Following the prayer services each dorm shares in it's family dinner. Soon after chores are completed, the children prepare for bed.

Like many other Orthodox Christian families we make time to Teach, Love, and Support our children. By accepting the children into Saint Basil Academy we have assumed all responsibility for their well-being and up bringing. At Saint Basil Academy we show the children the same love Jesus Christ showed all of us.